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Experience Amazing Sailing Week on traditional Netherland`s Vessel! 

August 07-14, 2020

We invite you on a historic trip around Holland aboard a lemsteraak – a traditional Dutch vessel with a gaff, swards and jib!

Price per person:
DBL – 790 Euro
SGL – 1380 Euro

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07/08/20. Arrival in Workum

Welcome on board of an old ship, food supplies for a sea voyage.

08/08/20. Passage to Hindeloppen (10 miles).

Lock of the 17th century, decorated with a bell. “Bench of liars”, where retired skippers always sit and  tell various tales from their marine past. The Skate Museum, here is the largest collection of skates in the world.

It is a historic city with old center. 17th Century Town Hall, Chamber of Mer and Libra, defensive wall with bastions.

The famous 17th-century Dromedaris building with 25 domes that still sound.

The open-air museum on the banks of the Suidersee is an old village with fishing boats, mills and smokehouses.

09/08/20. Passage to Enkhuizen (20 miles).

Endhaisen is a historic city with a 17th-century town hall, the Chamber of Measures and Weights, a defensive wall with bastions. The open-air museum on the banks of the Seidersee is an old village with fishing boats, mills and smokehouses.

10/08/20. Passage to Hoorn (10 miles)

Horn is a historical city with many ancient buildings of the XV-XVII centuries. This city, founded by merchants from Denmark and Northern Germany, is considered the most beautiful in Northern Holland. Facades of buildings are made in a variety of forms – neck, bells, stairs.  If possible – a visit to the Museum of Friesland, which presents medieval weapons, paintings of famous Dutch painters and a medieval surgical room (until 17-00). Entrance to the museum is paid only for adults (8.5 euros). The famous traveler Willem Cornelius Schouten was born in Horn, who discovered the southernmost point of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago and named it after his hometown – Cape Horn

11/08/20. Passage to Wolendam(10 miles)

Volendam is one of the most picturesque villages where the 17th century Holland appears. Here are the oldest houses and mills, a maze of fishing houses built on stilts.

12/08/20. Passage to Meiden (10 miles)

Moored near the castle Meyderslot, which is one of the few castles that have survived to this day almost in its original form. It looks exactly like in the picture from the knight’s book: compact and graceful, with turrets and loopholes, surrounded by a traditional moat with water, the entrance is only on the bridge on one side

13/08/20. Passage to Amsterdam (10 miles)

Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Royal Palace. Today, members of the royal family use it only for official events and celebrations, so the royal residence is open to ordinary tourists, fortunately, there is something to see inside. You can walk through the ceremonial chambers of the palace and see magnificent sculptures, furniture and paintings of the XVII-XVIII centuries

Farewell to a medieval fairy tale.

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