International Certified Yacht academy – Teaching Experience since 2006!

welcome to yacht courses in pÄrnu!

Available to all, training as a yacht captain according to programs Bareboat Skipper IYT, Yachtmaster Coastal IYT, Yachtmaster Offshore IYT, ICC, International Crew IYT, Radiooperator VHF

Also the first yacht experience – yacht trainings for beginners-acquaintance with the yacht, sails, ropes and mooring.

Pärnu – the summer capital of Estonia, a beautiful and unusual green historical town, founded in the 13th century, was one of the richest and busiest Hanseatic cities.

The local yacht club was founded in 1906, and the first major international regatta was held here in 1883.

A stylish and comfortable yacht club is located at the mouth of the Pärnu River, which allows to do yacht training, including dockings, even during a storm at sea.

There is always wind in Pärnu Bay and is a great opportunity to practice sailing on various wind courses.

DATES OF ARRIVALS for courses IYT – 2021

July 07,18,27

August 08,18,28

September 05,15,25

October 18

Yacht Club Address: Pärnu Jahtklubi: Lootsi 6, Pärnu 80012 Eesti

Yacht Oceanis 393 Armastus pier D birth 38

*On the piers – drinking water and electricity, the yacht club has toilets, a shower and a sauna.

Yacht Captain`s certificate Bareboat Skipper IYT  and ICC Course 
Theory and Practice 
11 days/10 nights

DBL – €850
SGL – €1150

(surcharge for July and August – €50)

Yacht trainings- Yacht practice – Yacht experience for beginners  

Yacht trainings for skippers:

– mooring and departure in various ways (alongside, by stern, by bow, with a buoy, “to the garage”) in different wind directions

– works with sails

-works with the map

– determine your location by bearings to objects.

Yacht experience for beginners:

– yacht and her details,

-works with sails,

-ropes and knots,

-basic skills for moorings

Price per day per yacht (it is possible with a trip to Kihnu) – maximum 6 people:
1 person – 150 euro 2 people – 200 euro

3 people – 285 euro 4-6 people – 380 euro

Yachtmaster Coastal IYT Course
Theory and Practice
8 days / 7 nights

Price per person:
DBL – €650
SGL – €1050

(surcharge for July and August – €50)

Yachtmaster Offshore IYT Course
Theory and Practice
8 days / 7 nights

Price per person: – €1200

(surcharge for July and August – €50)


  • August-10, 17, 24
  • September-05,15,25


International State  Yacht Captain`s Certificate – Republic of Estonia

Theory and practice:

11 days / 10 nights

Price per person:
DBL – €830; SGL – €1200

+ the cost of the certificate, included state fees-€150

+ the cost of the medical examination – 50

International crew IYT course
Theory and practice
5 days

Price per person:
DBL – €500
SGL – €800

(surcharge for July and August – €50)

“Ideal mooring” course

4 days / 4 nights

The main objective of the course is to gain confidence and practical skills when mooring in various ways (alongside, by stern, by bow, with positioning on the buoy/mooring, with the anchor) in different directions of the wind

Price per person – €450

The price includes: 

accommodation in the cabin, the services of the instructor captain, IYT logbook (for IYT courses), all the necessary textbooks and manuals, bed linen.

Paid additionally:

-meals on the yacht, including meals for the captain-instructor, IYT certificates with shipping from Canada – €175, fuel (approximately  €30, insurance €30,   refundable deposit €150.

On request – towels-5 euro, wi-fi – 30 euros

Oceanis 393 yacht – 3 cabins 2 bathrooms
Length – 11.63 m
Width – 3.96 m
Draft – 1.91

Mainsail-classic, battened


How to get there:

  • By car: Pärnu Jahtklubi: Lootsi 6, Pärnu 80012 Eesti 
  • By train or plane to Tallinn, after then by bus to Pärnu (travel time – 2 hours, cost €7)
  • By train or plane to Riga, then by bus to Pärnu (travel time 3 hours, cost €25) 
  • Visa support – an invitation to the consulate.


Parnu-Kihnu island– Ruhnu island- Mintu (Saaremaa Island) -Kuuresare (Saaremaa Island) – Pärnu

Pärnu – founded in the 13th century, in the Middle Ages it was part of the Hansa Union, a beautiful cozy old city, many parks, a long beautiful beach.

Kihnu – island of fishermen and seafarers. The historical culture of Kihnu – costumes, language, music and crafts – are included in the list of masterpieces of the heritage of UNESCO.

The island with a population of about 700 people is dominated by a community lifestyle, ancient cultural customs, local, Kihnu, language and songs.

Dancing and playing musical instruments are part of the daily life of the islanders.

Optionally a bike ride.

Ruhnu is the most sparsely populated island of Estonia (60 people). Here is the oldest wooden church in the Baltic states.

An old Swedish cemetery with runic symbols, a 40-meter-long metal lighthouse, designed by Eiffel.

Singing sands on the beach, virgin forest. On request – a bike ride.

Kuressaare – the capital of the island of Saaremaa, a cozy medieval town, wonderful bishop’s castle.

The town hall is more important than the 17th century.The town hall is more important than the 17th century.

May – September: 10:00 – 19:00 (daily). October – April: Wed – Sun 11:00 – 18:00, Price: €5