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Course VHF/SRC Radio Operator IYT certificate

All international skipper certificates are issued only if the candidate has The Short Range Certificate (SRC) - Radio operator VHF certificate. If you rent yacht in charter company, you asked about VHF/SRC operator certificate in the most of countries

  • Course  VHF/SRC Radio Operator IYT Certificate: theory on-line, exam in class or on board.
  • It is possible to pass course Radio operator VHF/SRC at once with International Crew IYT or Bareboat Skipper IYT.
  • The Candidate for VHF/SRC certificate should be 16 years of age or ove
  • Certificate IYT Radiooperator VHF/SRC

    the basic principles of maritime radio communications
    emergency beacons, radar transponders
    emergency, disaster and Safety Radio  Procedures
    rules for canceling false distress calls.
    rules of radio when entering the port

  • Price: €130 (exam and plastic card VHF/SRC certificate is included)

Course VHF/SRC radio operator

  1. You send us information to register on our web-site and to do invoice to you: name, surname, address, phone number 
  2. You pay 130 euros and get access to the VHF/SRC radio operator online course.
  3. You study the VHF/SRC radio operator course at any time convenient for you, anywhere.
  4. You take the theoretical test VHF/SRC radio operator online or leave the test until the practice – as you prefer.
  5. You register on the site iytnet.com and tell us your ID. Immediately after successfully passing the test, you will receive a temporary certificate valid for 2 months. A plastic VHF/SRC radio operator card is issued in Canada approximately within a month + shipping. IYT also offers a three-day review and courier delivery for an additional fee.

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