"An airplane has freedom in space but a yacht has freedom in time."  Richard Bach

05-12, MARCH, 2022


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Regatta in Croatia

Early booking discounts!

until January 31.2022

– Yacht Charter – 5%
– Courses – 15%
– Gift Certificates in Pärnu:
Cruises and Trainings – 20%

Boat Trips; Girls’ Evenings at the Sea; Birthday Parties; Sunset at the Sea on a Sailing Yacht in Pärnu Bay!

We are happy to invite you to our IYT certified Yacht-School, learn you to sail or improve your skills! Our very experienced captains-instructors always are ready to help you! Enjoy fun cruises on our yacht in Pärnu, Estonia!
Come for adventure or family rest and visit other countries with us! We will help you rent a yacht for you!

Yacht charter

05-12, march, 2022

Let's meet spring together in the Seychelles!!!

Beautiful landscapes with whimsical smooth rocks and palm trees,
corals, giant turtles, magnificent islands, snorkeling and great fishing!

yacht Dufour 52

the yacht has air conditioning and watermaker

Price per person: €990

2 yachts Bavaria 46

Price per person: €890

About Yacht Challenge

Our team has over 20 years of experience in yacht training, yacht cruises and regattas organization and yacht charter.
All our instructors are very professional and friendly, also they have certificated to teach till level Yachtmaster Offshore IYT.

Comfortable, Well-eqipped yacht

Our hospitable and cozy Oceanis 393 "Armastus" is waiting for you at the stylish Pärnu yacht club for yacht cruises and trainings. Welcome aboard!

Yacht Charter

We have been organizing yacht charters for 20 years.
We have reliable partners all over the world. We thoroughly know all regions of yacht charter and their features, the best places, and characteristics of different types of yachts.

Regatta 2022

Regatta is, wind, drive, positive, unforgettable emotions, meeting new people, new impressions and a unique soulful atmosphere on our boats.

on sailing yacht in Parnu bay, Kihnu, Ruhnu cruises

Price per yacht (till 10 pax)

Birthday, sunset,
Girl`s evening

Parties and relax vacation

Yacht practice for skippers and owners

Docking, mooring, sails, and MOB

Price per day (8 hrs)

Explore your boat - 1 day - €120

CRUISE Kihnu, Ruhnu Islands

One day Kihnu island


max 10 pax

Kihnu island 2 days / 1 night


max 6 pax

Kihnu, Ruhnu islands 3 days / 2 nights


max 6 pax

Yacht School IYT

The best course to choose from!

European ICC certificate

This certificate confirms your European level of competence for sails and power boats.


Required certificate Bareboat Skipper IYT or higher and certificate Radio Operator VHF.

Bareboat Skipper IYT

The certificate for the right to operate charter and private vessels during daylight hours.


This course is for beginners.
A certificate of Radio Operator VHF is required.

Coastal IYT

The certificate to the command of charter and private vessels in both daylight and night hours.


This course is not for beginners.
A certificate of Radio Operator VHF is required.

Offshore IYT

You will have a certificate to the command of vessels at any time and in any weather conditions.


Course Yachtmaster Offshore is for experienced sailors, certificate Radio Operator VHF, 3000 nm, and 50 days onboard required.

VHF radio operator license IYT

Certificate Radio Operator VHF
is required to obtain a skipper license of any level.


Course for beginners and experienced sailors.

State Yacht Captain`s Certificate Republic of Estonia

The certificate to the command of sail and motor vessel.


Practical trainings and theoretical course for passing the exam for the state certificate of the Republic of Estonia

Online courses - Yacht School IYT

You learn where and when it is comfortable for you!

Bareboat Skipper IYT

Certificate of competence ICC

All necessary theory, verification tests, explanations by the captain-instructor


Save time to practice more!

VHF Radio Operator​

Theory and verification tests for passing the VHF Radio Operator exam (cost of plastic card included)


a VHF Radio Operator certificate is required to obtain any skipper license

Offshore IYT

High-level theory course and examples of theory tests


Save time to practice more!

Yachting over the world

Unforgettable Adventure Trips and Yacht Cruises!
Regattas and Yacht Charter over the world!

on yachts

sailing holidays

Yacht cruises around the best places - the nature and history of Europe and Exotic countries

Yacht trips -Adventure tours

Active and extraordinary adventure holidays

Get ready to learn new things, move a lot and go on a journey that will be remembered for a lifetime


The spirit of a sailing yacht

Interesting events. Adrenaline and speed. New friends and emotions.

Yacht Charters around the world

Rent the boat of your dreams

More than 500 yacht charter fleets in 60 countries are waiting for you! We are ready to find and book for you the yacht that suits you

Customers reviews

Gratitude for a great experience I had, learning during your fun and very intensive course.
Aleksander Tomas
Yachtmaster Coastal
We sailed many times in Croatia, but during this week with our captain Roma we saw, learned, and studied more than for all previous campaigns.
Vladimir Lukyanov
Experienced Skipper
Slava was a super captain! I appreciated his ability to allow students to explore a topic without undue pressure from him. At the same time, he always seizes the initiative on time when the situation requires it. I began to feel more confident (especially after entering and mooring in Bourges with a 30+ wind). Hope to continue next year!
Dmitry Kravchenko
Yachtmaster Offshore
This and much more can be obtained by traveling with Yacht-Challenqe.
Fascinating travels, excursions, quality training, unforgettable impressions, the best fishing, meeting new people, meeting friends, emotional atmosphere.
Thank you for our unforgettable vacation!
Natalia Ivanova
Experienced traveler

A yacht cruise is new emotions and sensations, a new look at the world from the water, fabulous sails, and impressions of a lifetime!

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