“An airplane has freedom in space, but a yacht has freedom in time.”  Richard Bach

  • Certified IYT Instructors
  • A Guarantee & True “Hands-On” Experience
  • A Comfortable, Well-maintained sailboat
  • Adventure Sailing
  • Fun and Friendly atmosphere
  • Yacht Charter

A yacht cruise is new emotions and sensations, a new look at the world from the water, fabulous sails and impressions of a lifetime!

Yacht School

If you want to become a captain, learn how to manage your own yacht well and take a yacht for charter or improve your yacht qualifications, we offer the following courses::

– International Crew IYT
– European ICC certificate

– Bareboat Skipper IYT 
– Yachtmaster Coastal IYT 
– Yachtmaster Offshore IYT 
– VHF radio operator license IYT 

-theoretical online courses Bareboat Skipper IYT,
 Yachtmaster Offshore IYT, VHF radio operator

-the first yacht experience-yacht trainings for beginners

– different yacht trainings -docking course, work with sails etc.

Schedule of yacht courses in Pärnu, Estonia

Jun 10,21 Jul 7,18,27 Aug 08,18,28 , Sept 05,15,25 Oct 18

Parnu-Kihnu island-Ruhnu island-Abruka island- Varbla -Parnu

Approximately 200 nm

Price per person:
Course Bareboat Skipper IYT, ICC – 850€

Course Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore – 750€

Sotogrande – Gibraltar- Tanger-Cadiz-Barbate-Ceuta-Marbella-Estepona-Sotogrande

Approximately 270 nm

Sailing boat Dufour 375 – 3 cabins 1 WC

Price per person:
Course Bareboat Skipper IYT, ICC – 1280€

Course Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore – 980€

Without courses, cruise only – 600 euro

Cruises,Birthdays,Sunsets, Parties,Events on sailing yacht in Pärnu bay-a wonderful gift!

Price per yacht (till 10 pax):

1 h – 90 euro

2 h – 150 euro

3 hrs :
1-3 pax – 150 euro

4-6 pax – 180 euro

6-10 pax– 200 euro

YACHT TRAININGS in Pärnu bay, Estonia

Price per yacht per 1 day (it is possible with tryp to Kihnu) – maximum 6 people:
1 person – 150 euros 2 people – 200 euros

3 people – 285 euros 4-6 people – 380 euros

Special offer - excellent idea for Gift card: festive evening - sailing + sauna- Birthdays, anniversaries, company parties, girls' evening

Sailing trip in Pärnu Bay – 3 hours + sauna with real wood-heated Russian sauna with pool and fireplace room – 3 hours
Up to 10 people – 350 euros


1 day-380 euros

2 days-1 night-480 euros

(maximum 6 people)

To book – please sent us an email – and describe your Deal! Thank you!

We love the sea, wind, sails, charts, tides and currents, sky and clouds, and we would love to share this love with you!!!

Please call us:
tel. +37253754494 (English), +37255630079 (Eesti); +79032747595, +79163580747 or email: challyacht@gmail.com