yacht school

International certified yacht school – teaching experience since 2006

Our yachting school is a licensed partner school of "International Yacht Training" (IYT). Yachting training at our yacht school Yacht Challenge possible in English, Estonian, Russian and German.

After completing the courses for skippers and competent crew members, international certificates are issued.

In our yacht school you can complete the following courses for skippers and international crew members.

  1. International Crew Certificate. Theory and practice on board
  2.  ICC’s European certificate from the Irish Maritime Administration. Theory on-line and practice on board.
  3. Bareboat Skipper IYT Certificate. Theory on-line and practice on board
  4. IYT Yachtmaster Coastal Certificate. Theory and practice on board
  5. IYT Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate. Theory in class or on-line + practice on board.
  6. Radiooperator VHF Certificate. Theory on-line or on board at once with International Crew or Bareboat Skipper.
  7. STATE YACHT CAPTAIN`S CERTIFICATE REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA Training. Suitable  for  beginners,  from  16  years  old.  Theory on-line  and  practice on board.

On the yacht skipper courses, you study the following disciplines:

  • Parts of vessel and nautical terminology
  • Safety at sea
  • Ropes and ropework
  • Boat handling under power and sails
  • Charts, chartwork, navigation
  • Electronic navigation aids
  • Tides and currents
  • Collision regulations
  • Lights and marks buoyage
  • Meteorology
  • Yacht charter
  • Route planning
  • Documentation on boat
  • Marinas, customs, immigration
  • Responsibilities of skipper
  • Basic first aid
  • Galley at sea

We know everything about sailing and yachting, or almost everything, and are going to share the accumulated information with you. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts for dignity, and training in the "Yacht-Challenge" will bring you joy and 100% result. Support for graduates after graduation!