If you have your own yacht, but you still do not feel very confident on it, then this skipper training is for you.

We will help you get to know your yacht well and feel comfortable and safe on it.

You can train alone or with family or friends who share your love for the sea.

We will explore together

  • device and features of your yacht
  • the necessary work to prepare for the season and for winter storage
    -possible problems and breakdowns
  • Man Over Board procedure
  • Picking up a mooring buoy, Anchoring
  • Mooring and departure in various ways: with a buoy, alongside, by stern, by bow,
  • Working with sails
  • Planning of the long passages
  • Charts and electronic navigation aids

Price: 150 euro per day + meals of captain-instructor

Do you have any questions or ready to take this course?

Feel free to contact us by filling the following form or contact us using any other available channels found on our contact page.