IYT Bareboat Skipper training – Yacht school for beginners, the most popular yacht course.

With the Bareboat Skipper IYT Certificate you can rent a yacht for a holiday with family or friends in the Mediterranean and Baltic seas with restrictions in terms of cruising area and distance from the shore.

  • IYT Bareboat skipper Certificate requirement
  • Applicants must have VHF certificate or have completed the IYT VHF / SRC course with the Bareboat Skipper course together.
  • The candidate must be at least 16 years old.
  • Previous sea experience isn`t required.
  • By the end of the course, the candidate must have logged at least 200 nm and at least 10 days at sea

IYT Bareboat Skipper Certificate allows you to command a vessel

  • Up to 78 feet / 24 meters long
  • In coastal waters up to 20 miles offshore in good weather

Duration skipper training for course IYT Bareboat skipper

  • For students with Crew certificate or experience – 6 days.
  • For students without any certificates, no experience – 10 days.

Price for course Bareboat skipper IYT in Estonia

€ 890.00,

Price for course Bareboat Skipper IYT in Montenegro

€ 1080.00

the yacht course price included:

access to the theoretical course Bareboat Skipper IYT online; –access to the theoretical course Radiooperator VHF IYT online; –training on a yacht  ;-accommodation in the DBL cabin, captain-instructor, bed linen-logbook IYT, all the necessary textbooks and manuals

Paid additionally: meals on the yacht, incl meals for the captain-instructor, 2 certificates IYT (Bareboat Skipper IYT, Radiooperator VHF) – €175 (after successful exam) , Fuel, final cleaning,  insurance- €100, marinas on islands Kihnu and Ruhnu – 33 euro per boat per night.

If you have not decided yet on the dates of practice skipper training, you can start by studying the theory only.

Price for theoretical yacht course Bareboat Skipper IYT:

– online – 200 euro (a discount on practice is provided – 100 euros) – includes passing the test on skype to the captain-instructor and a logbook with a mark on the theoretical course completed

-In class – 350 euro – includes passing the test and a logbook with a mark on the theoretical course completed

  • -If you have a good experience on sailing yacht as a skipper, you can pass the external exam
  • -Theoretical test IYT and practical exam: work with charts, departure from a pier, work with sails, “man over board ”, docking alongside and by stern, work with ropes, anchoring etc- 200 euro
  • – Theoretical yacht course online with theoretical test by Skype and practical exam – 300 euro

After successful exam passing payment for 2 certificates Bareboat Skipper IYT`+ VHF= 175 euro.

Dates for Skipper training courses in Estonia, Pärnu

May    15

June   06

July    10, 20

August   12, 22

September   11,21

October   16, 21

Yacht Oceanis 393 – 3 cab 2 WC
Length – 11.63 m Width – 3.96 m Draft – 1.91

Mainsail-classic, full batten


Route Pärnu- Kihnu -Ruhnu -Saaremaa

Check-in/Check-out – 12-00

Dates for Skipper training courses in Montenegro, Kotor

February 18, 25

March 04

April 15, 29

May    13

June   03,10

July    08

September   16,23

November   11

Yacht Dufour 412 – 3 cab 2 WC

Length – 12.7 m Width – 4.18 m Draft – 1.8

Mainsail-classic, full batten

Check-in – 17-00

Checkout – 09-00

How to get a Bareboat Skipper IYT certificate

1.You choose and agree with us convenient dates and places for practical training.

2.We register you on our website https://yacht-challenge.com/my-account/

3. You make an advance payment of 300 euro, and you get access to online courses Bareboat Skipper IYT and VHF radio operator.

4. You study theory at any time convenient for you.

5. You take the Bareboat Skipper IYT theory test and the VHF radio operator online or leave the test until the practice – whichever is more convenient for you.

6. You pay the balance 1 month before the beginning of the practice.

7. You complete the practice, pass the exam and pay for the Bareboat Skipper IYT and VHF radio operator certificates.

8. You register on www.iytnet.com and inform us about your ID. Immediately after successfully passing the exam, you will receive temporary certificates valid for two months. As usual, it takes four weeks for processing orders after a certificate has been ordered. This does not include delivery time.IYT also offers a three-day review and courier delivery for an additional fee.

How does the Bareboat Skipper IYT training work?

1. You arrive at the agreed time and date at the place where the skipper training begins.

2. Accommodation on the yacht, buy food. Usually, a ship’s cash desk is formed, from which during the practice, food, parking in marinas, fuel are paid. On average – 150-200 euro per person per week.

3. Every day, you do various practical exercises – mooring,  sailing, man overboard, positioning, anchoring, etc. Theory trainings you have on board too.

4. Breakfasts and lunches, as usual, are prepared on the yacht, dinners – on the yacht, or in local restaurants, how you wish.

5. At the end of the skipper training, you pass an exam:  passage planning, a departure from the pier, passage with working with sails, mooring.

Do you have any questions or ready to take this course?

Feel free to contact us by filling the following form or contact us using any other available channels found on our contact page.