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The Yachtmaster Coastal IYT  is a recreational certificate of competency for command of sailing and/or power vessels up to 24 metres in length up to 60 nm offshore in daylight and nightlight hours in moderate wind and sea conditions.

Entry Standard for Yachtmaster Coastal IYT certificate 

  • The Candidate should have 2 days at least as captain
  • 800 nautical miles
  • 25 days on board at sea
  • 12 hours on watch at night under way
  • Minimum age to obtain certification Yachtmaster Coastal is 18
  • Course Yachtmaster Coastal must attend a 6 days practice and theory on board a yacht with practical assessment and written examination.

It is a comprehensive live aboard course consisting of six days for sail or five days for power, which includes the practical on water examination.

Scope for course Yachtmaster Coastal IYT:

  • nautical terminology, safety & vessel checkout
  • navigation.tides and currents
  • international collision regulations
  • pilotage, anchoring, berthing, 
  • passage planning. weather and forecasting
  • The course Yachtmaster Coastal IYT duration be a minimum of 40 hours of theory and practical training, but this time frame may be reduced for those who have recognized prior learning or boating/sea time experience

May 01,11,21,31
Jun 10,20,27
JUL 18,27
AUG 06,16,26
SEP 09,19,29
OCT 09,19,29

Parnu-Kihnu island – Ruhnu island – Abruka island-Saaremaa island Muhu island – Parnu

Yachtmaster Coastal IYT

Approximately 200 nm

Price per person:
DBL –650 Euro
SGL – 1100 Euro

26 Sep-05 Oct 2021
Atlantic France - Brittany

La Trinite – Quibero – Port Luis – Groua –
Belle Illes – La Roch Bernard – Vannes-Arzon – La Trinite

Yachtmaster Coastal IYT

Approximately 200 nm

Price per person:
DBL –980 Euro
SGL – 1750 Euro

31 Oct - 10 Nov 2021
Spain - Gibraltar - Morocco

Sotogrande – Gibraltar – Tanger – Cadiz – Barbate – Ceuta – Marbella – Estepona – Sotogrande

Yachtmaster Coastal IYT

  • Approximately 270 nm
  • Sailing boat Dufour 375 – 3 cabins 1 WC

Price per person:
DBL – 980 Euro
SGL – 1500 Euro

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