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Sailing in Estonia

Season 01 May - 31 October

Our hospitable and cozy Oceanis 393 "Armastus" is waiting for you at the stylish Pärnu yacht club:
Lootsi 6, Pärnu 80012 pier C, birth 11

We invite you to the summer capital of Estonia – Pärnu – to discover the magical world of Pärnu Bay, sails and the original islands.

We have warm water, and very long days and even “white nights” in spring and summer and, all-season, sunsets of extraordinary beauty.

Pärnu is a beautiful and green historical city.  The yacht club is located very close to the old town with its narrow medieval streets, stylish  restaurants and a unique soulful atmosphere.

Sailing Cruise, BIRTHDAY, Sunset on yacht in PÄRNU BAY

You can organize  Birthday, or any other event on yacht in Pärnu bay! Enjoy the sea space and freedom and get a positive charge for a long time! Or arrange a romantic date.

Besides, the yacht is the best place for a wedding photo shoot!

You can swim in the clear sea directly from the yacht!

You can watch the unforgettable sunset at sea and perhaps even see the famous “green ray” fulfilling wishes.

You can feel like captains at the helm of a sailing ship!
You can take unforgettable photos on a sailing yacht!
You can catch fresh fish, which you can immediately cook.

Price per yacht (max 11 pax):

  • hrs. – 90
  • hrs. – €170
  • 3 hrs. – €240
  • 4 hrs and more – by agreement

Welcome aboard!

Bachelorette party on yacht in PÄRNU BAY

Arrange a bachelorette party – a wonderful unusual holiday!

A bachelorette party is usually an event when the bride’s last moments as a single woman before marriage.
Bachelorette parties at sea are now a popular thing. After a bachelorette party on a yacht, unforgettable impressions and amazing photos remain for life.
You can bring a picnic basket, snacks, and champagne to the yacht for your bachelorette party. We have glasses and plates, a refrigerator and stove, and toilets on our boat.
In case of cool weather, the yacht has blankets.

Usually, it’s more of a group decision to throw a hen party for the bride, where everyone comes up with ideas for the hen party, and all the girlfriends do their part to get all the hen party activities done. 

The bachelorette party is a time to give the bride some pleasant memories! For example, memories of a school or the institute. Bring the bride’s favorite drinks and dishes, the bride’s favorite music, and small keepsakes to the bachelorette party. The main thing is that the bride at the bachelorette party feels your love and attention.

Pour champagne into glasses and enjoy magical moments under sail.

Girls’ night games are also a big part of it, and usually, everyone involved has some quick and easy game they’ve come.

You can take unforgettable photos on a sailing yacht!

Cause of a storm or heavy rain, you can cancel your booking.

Price per yacht (max 11 pax):

hrs – 90  hrs– €170  3 hrs- €240

Welcome aboard!


  • You can have a wonderful day at sea with your team and clients – team building, some education, or just for celebrating some corporate event.
  • You can have lunch on board.
  • You learn a lot about yachts and sails, and you can work with sails and ropes if you wish.
  • It is possible to take part till 30 people on three yachts.
  • There are WC, kitchen with oven and fridge on the yacht.
  • It is also possible to rent a conference room for seminars, a restaurant, and a sauna.

Welcome aboard!

Sailing Cruise Kihnu and ruhnu islands

Sailing trip Kihnu island:

Kihnu is the original island of fishermen and sailors. Historical culture of Kihnu is on the UNESCO list of masterpieces of oral and spiritual heritage. 

Sailing trip Ruhnu island:

Ruhnu Island is the calmest and kindest place in the Baltic Sea, the most sparsely populated island in Estonia. 

Price per yacht (max. 10 paх) :

Sailing KIHNU-1 day

09 am to 20 pm – €500

Sailing KIHNU- 2 days/1 night- €1000 

Sailing KIHNU + RUHNU 3 days/2 nights –€1300 

Sailing is a great way to see small islands.

Supplement services on islands:

Sauna – 25 euro/h

Bicycle: till 3 h – 5 euro  till 12 h – 10 euro 

Excursion on track with guide – 90 euro per hour (max. 20 pax)

Folk concert “Dances and songs of Kihnu” – 180 euro

Fishing- 60 euro

Dinner – 15 euro p-p

Yachting for beginners and trainings for skippers and owners

Yacht experience for beginners:

  • Yacht and her details
  • Works with sails and ropes
  • Basic skills for moorings

Yacht trainings for skippers and owners – improve your sailing skills:

  • Mooring and departure in various ways (alongside, by stern, by bow, with a buoy etc)
  • Works with sails
  • Explore your own boat

Price per yacht per 1 day:

1-2 people – €250

3 people – €285 4-6 people – €300

Trainings on own boat 1 day: €120

Courses IYT and teaching for State Yacht Captain`s Certificate Republic of Estonia

  • Course Bareboat Skipper IYT and certificate ICC – 10 days- €850 
  • Course Yachtmaster Coastal IYT – 8 days- €650 
  • Course Yachtmaster Offshore IYT – 10 days- €1200 
  • State Yacht Captain`s Certificate Republic of Estonia – 10 days- €500

Comfortable sailing Yacht "Armastus"

Yacht Oceanis 393

Length – 12 m, beam – 3,9 m, 3 cab 2 WC

till 12 people



  • July 01 – July 03 (12-00-20-00) – Hanseatic days will allow you to look back at the past centuries, return to the origins. Medieval customs and traditions, folk handicrafts, ancient skills and spiritual wealth.
  • 28 August – Muinastulede öö lõke – The Night of Ancient Lights


  • June 23-24 – Jaanipäev – an old fishing boat is set on fire on the island and folk dances are performed in traditional striped skirts
  • July 08-10 (second weekend of July) – Kihnu Sea Festival – a festival dedicated to the day of fishermen and Kihnu culture. Concerts, workshops, fair in the square


  • 19-21 August Festival RuhnuRahu (“World of Ruhnu”), closing the summer. Music and discos, theatrical performances and exhibitions, local dishes and other inspiring things that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • September 28-Ruhnu lõikuspidu – Harvest Festival


  • May 8 – Birthday of Kuuresaare
  • July 12 – Kuressaare Castle Day
  • 02-07 August– Kuressaare Sea Days

how to get to Pärnu from Tallinn

By train or plane to Tallinn, then by bus to Pärnu: 2 hours, cost €7.

how to get to Pärnu from Riga

By train or plane to Riga,
then by bus to Pärnu:
3 hours, cost €25.

We are happy to invite you to our IYT certified Yacht-School! Visit and enjoy unusual places and fun cruises on our yacht in Pärnu, Estonia! Come for adventure and visit other countries with us! We will help you choose a reliable and comfortable yacht for you!


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