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We Offer you The Radio Operator VHF/SRC, International Bareboat Skipper IYT, ICC, and Yachtmaster Offshore IYT theory online courses.

You can study theory courses online anywhere, at a time convenient for you, and free up more time for practical exercises on the yacht.

  • For those who have the experience of sailing on a yacht, upon passing the theoretical course on-line, the practice can reduced from 10 to 7 days.
  • Our online courses included knowledge required to obtain certificate Radiooperator VHF/SRC, certificate Bareboat Skipper IYT, certificate ICC, certificate Yachtmaster Offshore IYT.
  • The courses consist of text with diagrams and photographs, and explanations by the captain-instructor.
  • During the courses, you will pass a verification tests. It will help you understand how well you understood everything and which sections need to be studied more carefully.
  • When you are ready to take the exam, contact the teacher to agree on the testing time.

Prises for theory online courses

  1.  The Radio Operator VHF/SRC online theory course, including the cost of the certificate – €150
  2. Bareboat Skipper IYT online theory course with the test and a logbook – €200
  3. Theory course online Yachtmaster Offshore IYT –  €300
  4. CEVNI test for certificate ICC with inland waters –€100



Our company is an IYT partner yacht school. We provide training and IYT certifications up to the Yacht Master Offshore level. We also provide theoretical and practical training for yacht captains for passing the exam to obtain the State Certificate of the Republic of Estonia.

Our instructors have higher pedagogical and maritime education and STCW safety certificates.

They have extensive sailing experience in almost all yachting regions of the world on various types of vessels. We always take into account your individual characteristics and wishes both during training and during pleasure cruises.

We have been organizing yacht and adventure tours, sports and corporate regattas for over 20 years and have reliable partners – charter companies all over the world. We are always ready to help you choose yachts and develop the best route.

Certificate IYT Radio operator VHF/SRC

We are happy to invite you to our IYT certified Yacht-School! Visit and enjoy unusual places and fun cruises on our yacht in Pärnu, Estonia! Come for adventure and visit other countries with us! We will help you choose a reliable and comfortable yacht for you!​

“An airplane has freedom in space but a yacht has freedom in time.”  Richard Bach