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International state certificate: SAIL+MOTOR

The International State Boatmaster's Certificate is issued by the Estonian Bureau of the Ministry of Transport.

The certificate gives the right to operate a sailing and motor vessel up to 78 feet / 24 meters without restrictions on the region of navigation and time of day

Theory + practice: 10 days
Price – 840 euro
all the necessary theory with navigation and cartographic work,
practice in mooring and sail control,
VHF radio operator course.
The cost of the exam is 100 euros.
MAY – 15_ 25
JUNE – 05, 16
JULY – 01, 11
AUGUST – 01, 10, 20

Course location: Pärnu yacht club Lootsi 6, Pärnu 80012 pier C place 14 yacht Armastus (Oceanis 393)

Course content:

Maritime terminology
Man overboard
Yacht control under the engine
Sails and working with them
Basic meteorology
Crossings in difficult weather conditions
Work with the map and electronic means of navigation.
COLREGs (Collision Regulations).
Lights and signs.
VHF radio operator course

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* The exam is supervised by the Estonian Maritime Administration.