ICC - International Certificate of Competency ​

Regatta in Croatia, october 2021

International certified yacht school –skipper training

Training Course ICC - International Certificate of Competency ​

ICC- International Certificate of Competency  from the Irish Maritime Administration allows you to control not only sailing but also power vessels.

The ICC certificate is confirming that an individual is competent to the level required to meet the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Inland Water Committee (UNECE IWC) Resolution 40. 

International Certificate of Competency ICC is the level of competency required when chartering a boat in the European countries  (Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea etc).

You need ICC if you are planning sailing abroad. You don`t need ICC if you  sail just in your national waters and have a national license.

You can`t use ICC instead of skipper license. International Certificate of competence ICC just confirms your qualification for international sailing.

Entry Standard for the International Certificate of Competency ICC

The Candidate for course ICC should be 16 years of age or over and hold the IYT Bareboat Skipper Certificate and VHF Radio Operator certificate.

Certificate ICC allows:
  • Command of a pleasure vessel up to a maximum length of 78 ft /24 meters.
  • There may be restrictions in terms of cruising area, distance from a harbor and the ability to operate a vessel in daylight hours in fair weather.

How to get ICC with Yacht Challenge?

If you have certificates: Bareboat Skipper IYT or up and  Radiooperator VHF you just pass theoretical and practical tests ICC.

Price – €200  + €150 for card certificate ICC.

If you don`t have any IYT certificates, you have with us training course Bareboat Skipper IYT or up and Radiooperator VHF and you get certificate ICC together with other certificates .

Estonia, Pärnu

Dates for Course ICC 2022

Course duration: For students with sailing certificate – 6 days, For students without any certificates – 10 days.

Price per person: DBL – €750  

The price includes: accommodation in the cabin, the services of the captain-instructor, all the necessary textbooks and manuals, bed linen.

Paid additionally: meals on the yacht, including meals for the captain-instructor, IYT certificates – €175, fuel; insurance – €30, fuel – €30. On request – wi-fi – €10

  • May, 07, 14, 23
  • June, 01,11
  • July, 03, 12, 23
  • August, 09
  • September, 04,14,24
  • October, 04,14,24

Check-in: 12-00  Check-out: 12-00

In accordance with UNECE Resolution 40 (Revision 4), citizens and residents of countries  from the list  below, that are signatories to Resolution 40, will be obliged to obtain an ICC from their own national issuing authority and not from IYT, with the exception of the United Kingdom and Latvia and if the applicant can provide proof of residency* in a country not on this list. *Proof of residency examples: residence card,  Utility bill (electric or gas), Property tax bill, Telephone bill, Insurance bill.

As of May 2016 the following countries have adopted resolution 40.

  • Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia**, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom.
  • **The government of Latvia has given written permission for IYT to issue ICCs to their own nationals and residents

***IYT has been authorized to issue ICC’s to United Kingdom Nationals and Residents for the past 18 years which are issued on behalf of the British Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA). Reference: UNECE Resolution 40 document

The certificate ICC is valid for a period of five years, then it is necessary revalidate it.

ICC course Scope
  • nautical terminology, safety, vessel checkout
  • boat handling under power, man-overboard procedures, anchoring
  • sails and sail handling,  basic rope work
  • basic meteorology
  • navigation, chart work
  • tides, currents
  • buoyage
  • collision regulations
  • basic first aid, responsibilities of the skipper

We know everything about sailing and yachting, or almost everything, and are going to share the accumulated information with you. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts for dignity, and training in the "Yacht-Challenge" will bring you joy and 100% result. Support for graduates after graduation!