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1. Sailing areas for beginners-shorts passages, many good marinas and anchorages

Yachting in Croatia – paradise for beginners – many good marinas with all facilities, numerous bays for good anchorages, small old beautiful towns. Very clean water. Disadvantages – very high prices in marinas. Yacht season May-October.

Yachting in GreeceIonian islands – many closed beautiful bays, cheep prices, very nice nature and very clean water. Season for yachting in Greece: April – November.

Yachting in Naples Bay – short passages, enough numbers of marinas, very beautiful towns and islands, good food and wines, thermal springs. Disadvantages-very high prices in marinas, the most of marinas don`t have facilities. Yacht season April-November.

Yachting in Turkey– short passages, a lot of  marinas,  beautiful bays and good anchorages, very clean water. Perfect place to rest with children. Yacht season -all year round.

Yachting in Montenegro –  many good marinas with all facilities, a lot of bays for good anchorages, old beautiful towns. Very clean water. Yacht season March-November.


CROATIA-NORTH-Istria- around islands

Pula / Veruda –40 miles. Losinj –30 miles -Rab- 22 miles. Krk –25 miles- Opatija- 25 miles- Cres – 40 miles -Brioni –10 mi- Pula / Veruda

The magnificent medieval towns of Rab, Krk, Cres with ancient city walls, city towers, Cathedrals with belfries (XII century).

Opatija – a famous resort, a beautiful green place with chic villas and a beautiful promenade

Brioni, one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia. Wildlife Safari Park



Trogir – 25 miles- Vis.island-30 miles- Vrboska (Hvar Island) – 15 miles- Starigrad (Hvar Island) – 15 miles- Milna (Brac island)- 15 miles -Trogir

Museum cities founded by the ancient Greeks in the 3rd century BC. The remains of the powerful old fortress walls (XIII-XV centuries) gates, fortresses, Cathedrals, high belfries, Romanesque architecture, Dominican monasteries, City Boxes, clock towers, palaces.Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Winemaking Centers



Dubrovnik- 20 miles- Mljet – 29 miles- Korcula-27 miles- Veli Lago –-31 miles-Mletska Jezera — 30 miles — Stone — 34 miles — Dubrovnik

Dubrovnk and Korcula – monumental cities, “pearls of the Adriatic”: massive city walls with towers (XIV-XV century), forts, palaces with Gothic windows with delicate carvings (XIV-XV century), clock towers, Cathedrals, churches.

Mletska Jezera – two sea lakes in the western part of the island of Mljet – Big Lake and Small Lake, connected by a narrow channel. The lakes are part of the Mljet National Park.



Corfu – 60 miles- Preveza-10 miles-Lefkada- 30 miles-Ithaca –25 miles-Fiskardo (Kefalonia island) –50 miles –
Gayos (Paxi Island) –33 miles to Corfu

The Ionian Islands are rich in amazing landscapes and historical monuments. The old city of Kerkyra is one of the most beautiful Greek cities. Italian, French and British architecture are mixed here. Old Byzantine fortresses, churches, bell towers, palaces, temples. The islands are very green, the coast is indented like lace.


Salerno –25 nm –. Capri-20 nm- Forio –10 nm-Prochida – 20 nm – Sorrento-20 nms-Amalfi –20 nm- Salerno

Capri is one of the most famous islands in the world. The cliffs  and the caves, sea grottoes, beautiful panorama.

Ischia is a fabulous island with pine and citrus groves and generous thermal springs. The famous thermal park “Poseidon Gardens” is a delightful place, where you can swim in the warm mineral springs amid a magnificent landscape.

Sorrento is a real gem on the terrace, breaking off to the sea. 

Amalfi is a beautiful historical town, the famous Cathedral of the 9th century, a unique combination of historical monuments with the beauty of nature. 


Fethiye  – 15 nm -Gemilier Island -3 nm-Oludeniz- 3 nm- Batterfly Valley -15 nm-Aga Limani – 6 nm-Cleopatra Bay – 15 nm- Fethiye  

Clean water, nice bays, swimming, snorkeling, trekking, antic ruins.



Kotor- 15 miles- Rose – 17 miles- Budva-12 miles- Bigovo -10 miles-Herzeg Novi — 10 miles — Perast — 5 miles — Kotor

Kotor, Budva, and Perast – towns with medieval churches, cathedrals, Venetian palaces, and pillars.

Herceg Novi – Old Town (Stari Grad), fortified by Herceg (Duke) Stjepan Vukčić in the 15th century. Fortress Spanjola (1538) and Fortress Forte Mare (1687). The Savina monastery has three beautiful Orthodox churches and splendid views. 

2. Sailing areas for advanced sailors- crossings of open parts of sea, may be strong sea and wind conditions. 

ITALY – all routes included passages with crossing of open sea areas. Marinas are not everywhere and as usual without any facilities. Prices in marinas are quite high. Weather conditions may be very strong and you will need to stay at one place for 2 days.

GREECE–  the most of points don`t have marinas and moorings. Route from Athens is strongly not recommended  in July-September due constant and very strong wind “Meltemi”.Prices are very low.

MALLORCA – may be very strong sea and wind conditions and you will need to wait the weather in same place and then to do a very long passage. Prices are medium.



Portorosa –25 miles – Vulcano  3 miles – Lipari – 12 miles– Panarea  10 miles– Salina – 30 miles– Milazzo  16 miles– Portorosa 

Vulcano Island was the home of the God of the Wind – Aeolus and the forge of the God of Fire Volcano. The island – this is the active volcano, which you can climb and even walk around the crater among the crystals and fumes of sulfur

So you can see citadels and fortresses in Lipari and Milazzo, medieval fishers village on Salina  and have a good restaurants on celebrity`s island Panarea

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Canignone – 10 miles. La Maddalena- 16 miles- Bonifacio (Corsica) –10 miles -Santa Teresa Gallura -8 miles Porto Pollo – 5 miles -Palau -10 miles -Canynone

Snow-white sandy beaches with incredibly clear and crystal clear waters, flowers and the scent of lush Mediterranean vegetation and the unique beauty of the coastline created by time and wind

Bonifacio is the most colorful Corsican city with beautiful snow-white cliffs above the sea. The Old City hovering over the sea. 


Rhodes – 20 nm- Panormitis  – 35 nm- Nisyros- 20 nm-Kos-30 nm-Tilos- 30 nm – Symi – 22 nm -Rhodes

Rhodes is a medieval city, which is surrounded  by ancient fortress walls. Some streets have retained their medieval appearance. The Palace of the Grand Masters of the Order of the Ioannites are the real gates of the past centuries.

Panormitis has the miraculous icon of the archangel Michael Panormitis, a spiritual magnet that helps in many troubles, heals incurable diseases, finds a way out of a hopeless situation and shows the way to the sea. 


Palma –50 nm-Port Soller – 40 nm-Alcudia – 35 nm-Porto Cristo – 12 nm-Cala de Or –20 nm- La Salina– 20 nm- Palma

Palma de Mallorca is the capital and most beautiful city of the Balearic archipelago. Belver Castle, the Cathedral, Almudine Palace, a beautiful exchange building with tall windows and openwork stone carvings of the 14th century, noble houses, palaces, churches and monasteries,  

Alcudia is a typical old town with narrow streets, surrounded by a fortress wall, which you can walk through, looking at the city.

Porto Cristo is famous for its karst caves

In Soller you can see the old station and buildings that are remembered for a long time. The “House of the Moon”,  800-year-old age,  with its perfectly preserved facade decoration – a full-bodied image of the night luminary.

3. Sailing areas for experienced sailors- many shoals, difficult enters into the ports, may be strong weather conditions. 

NETHERLANDS – all routes included passages throw locks and drawbridges. A lot of marinas with full service. Prices in marinas are low. 

ESTONIA–  many shoals, difficult entrances into the marinas, crossings of open part of the sea, may be very strong sea and wind conditions, Anywhere a lot of marinas with facilities,prices in marinas are low.

SEYCHELLES, THAILAND– many shoals, reefs, tides, a few marinas,the most of anchorages.



Lemmer – 20 miles – Hindelopen – 26 miles – Horn – 12 miles – Monnickendam – 8 miles – Maiden-10 miles – Volendam -15 miles – Endhaisen – 18 miles – Lemmer

Historic towns, many ancient buildings of the XV-XVII centuries. Facades of buildings are made in a wide variety of forms – necks, bells, stairs. Many different museums.

Old houses and mills, a labyrinth of fishing houses built on stilts, workshops for the production of wooden shoes “Clompen” , well, tasting cheeses and herring.


Pärnu-Kihnu -Ruhnu  – Saaremaa -Abruka-Muhu – Pärnu

Pärnu – founded in the 13th century, was part of the Hansa Union, a beautiful cozy old city, many parks, a long beach
Kihnu – island of fishermen and seafarers. The historical culture of Kihnu – costumes, language, music and crafts – are included in the list of  the heritage of UNESCO. 

Ruhnu is the most sparsely populated island of Estonia. Here is the oldest wooden church in the Baltic states. Old Swedish cemetery with runic symbols, a lighthouse designed by Eiffel.
Kuressaare – the capital of the island of Saaremaa, a cozy medieval town, perfectly preserved bishop’s castle and Town Hall of the 17th century.



Praslin- St. Pierre -Curieuse-Cousin -La Digue-Coco-Grande Soeur – Mahe

Marine National Parks, giant turtles, beautiful beaches rounded rocks, tall palms, beautiful landscapes. Great fishing and many spots for snorkeling.

La Digue is a tiny emerald land with the most beautiful beach in the archipelago. The visiting card of the island is bizarre granite boulders. Great fishing.

Praslin. The mythical May Valley, which is under the protection of UNESCO. 



Phuket – Phang Nga Bay – Ko Poda and Chicken – Krabi – Phi Phi – Phuket

Unforgettable impressions are made by picturesque reserves and parks, small islands and ancient temples.

Phang Nga is an amazingly beautiful place with countless sheer cliffs and caves with growths of stalactites and stalagmites.

Phi Phi Lei is a national park with white beaches, coconut groves and lagoons hidden among the sheer cliffs

4. Sailing areas for very experienced sailors- many dangers at sea, high tides and strong currents, big traffic,crossings of open parts of sea, may be very strong storms, high waves, very strong wind. 

BRITTANY–  very high tides and very strong currents, very strong winds and very big waves, many shoals, very difficult entrances into the marinas. A lot of marinas, all with facilities,prices in marinas are low. Route completely depends on tides schedule.

SWEDEN– very many rocks, may be strong sea and wind conditions. a lot of marinas with facilities,   Prices in marinas are low.



Gotenburg archipelago + Norway

Beautiful small Swedish islands with the same beautiful small towns. Stone canyons,  bewitching landscapes.Here, one of the most active Swedish rescue stations at sea, founded in 1920, free trainings on survival at sea are constantly held for everyone with the use of helicopters and life rafts. 

The old Norwegian city of Gamlebien, built in the XII century as a fortress. Narrow streets, beautiful colorful houses, the best-preserved fort city in Scandinavia



Trinité – Vannes – Belle Iles – Grua – Port Louis – Arzon – La Roche Bernard – Quiberon- Trinité

Brittany is a mecca for yachtsmen. Here are the majority of giant trimarans – participants of the famous Rum Regatta. Buildings of the XIV-XVI centuries. City walls with gates. The full history of military architecture from the Gallo-Roman era to the towers of the XV century. Classic French parks. Half-timbered buildings of the XV-XVI centuries. Castles, cathedrals. Fine wine and cider, the freshest oysters. Mussels cooked with different sauces and equipped with all kinds of delicious seasonings.