Mediterranean Sea.

Сruises in Naples Bay.  


Naples – a city declared a UNESCO heritage,  has many aristocratic palaces with beautiful gardens, castles. 

Ischia is  a fabulous island with pine and citrus groves,  and generous thermal springs. Thermal Park “Poseidon’s Gardens” is a delightful place with lush vegetation, where you can swim in  mineral springs

Capri is  one of the most famous islands in the world. a charming island of rare beauty. 

Sorrento – nestled on high cliffs, this city preserves the monuments of the Renaissance and Baroque architecture

Pompeii is one of the most famous and unusual archaeological sites. A walk in Pompeii is a journey through time with a full sense of life of antiquity. 

Amalfi is a beautiful historic town, a picturesque interweaving of lanes and stairs.

Procida – Internal stairs, arches and vaults, colored houses.

Dates and prices:

23-30.07.22 – 790 eur   24.09-01.10.22-750 eur    

For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 580 euro per week per person

Adventures Сruises Sicily + Eolian islands.  


Vulcano-trekking an active volcano with a detour around the crater among crystals and sulfur fumes.

Lipari – XVI century. citadel with a castle.

Salina-the ancient fishing village of Pollara, where houses and storage for boats are cut out manually in the rocks.

Stromboli is a “natural lighthouse of the Tyrrhenian Sea”, a volcano that has been active for  2000 years.

Panarea-a prehistoric village.

Milazzo – XIII century. The fortified city “Borgo” and the lower city. The fortress is  one of the first Norman buildings. 

Dates and prices:

23-30.07.22 – 790 eur

24.09-01.10.22 – 680 eur    

For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 580 euro per week per person

Сruises Sardinia-Corsica.  


La Maddalena -the Church of St. Mary of Maddalena, which  a crucifix donated by Admiral Nelson

Bonifacio is the most picturesque Corsican city with  snow-white cliffs above the sea. The Old Town with stairs from the Citadel to the water. 

Porto Vecchio is  the fortified port town of . The Old Town district, its cobblestone streets, charming buildings .

Capo Testa have smoothed from the sea breeze, and some have even curled and contorted into formation.

Palau is a real pearl of the Mediterranean. White sandy beaches with  crystal clear waters and the unique beauty of the coastline created by time and wind

Dates and prices:

23-30.07.22 – 790 eur

24.09-01.10.22 – 680 eur  

For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 580 euro per week per person

North and Baltic Sea.

Netherlands-cruises on historical traditional boats.


Workum– beautiful facades, monumental buildings and water-rich surroundings. 

IJlst – the 17th-century sawmill ‘De Rat’, centuries-old streets and scenic gardens.

Sneek – the beautiful canals and historic Waterpoort.

Sloten – idyllic canal-side streets and beautiful buildings wealth of historic sights, cozy terraces and water gates.

Volendam – best-known fishing village, old harbor full of old Dutch ships.

Hoorn – was one of the most important Dutch East India Company centers,  churches and wonderful historic houses.

Enkhuizen – the Zuiderzeemuseum – experience the culture and history of this region here. 

Hindeloppen – historic captains’ residences, the wooden lock keeper’s house. The Dutch history of ice-skating at Hindeloopens’ Eerste Friese Schaatsmuseum

Dates and prices:

05-12.08.22 – 770 eur    16-23.09.22-690 eur 

For groups from 6 pax- every Monday and Friday- 550 euro per week per person

West Sweden archipelago cruises. 


Gothenburg , combines a friendly vibe and seaside charm.

Dyrön-a charming little island, 5 km walking trail with fantastic views.

Smogen – is a pretty village with Sweden’s longest promenade lined 

Fjalbäka – a favorite filming location for detective stories. Walk along the trail between lakes in stones.

Grebbestad – historic West Coast towns, the oyster capital of Sweden.

Karingon – one of the most active Swedish rescue stations at sea, founded in 1920, constantly provides free training on survival at sea for everyone using helicopters.

Marstrand is Sweden’s most elite resort. The famous Karlsten fortress. It attracts with its rich history and extraordinary harsh beauty. 

Dates and prices:

20-27.08.22-780 eur   

For groups from 6 pax- – 550 euro per week per person

Adventures cruises around  Estonian islands.


Pärnu is a beautiful  historical city. Old town with its unique soulful atmosphere.

Kihnu is the original island of fishermen and sailors. Historical culture of Kihnu – costumes, language, music and crafts are on the UNESCO list of masterpieces of oral and spiritual heritage. 

Ruhnu Island is the calmest and kindest place in the Baltic Sea, the most sparsely populated island in Estonia.

Saaremaa is the largest island in Estonia. The capital of the island is Kuressaare, a cozy medieval town with a perfectly preserved episcopal castle.

Abruka has  a species-rich broad-leaved forest with a pristine appearance and  island culture.  The real pearl – a dozen species of protected orchids grow on the local beach and wooded meadows. Of the animals,  goats, elk and deer.

Dates and prices per person per week:

June   04,09,29-390 euro     July -09 – 450 euro,

Aug-25 – 390 euro,    Sep – 04.14.24 – 350 euro 

For group 6 pax- every Saturday- 1620 euro for all (270 euro per person)

Adventures cruises Pärnu-Gothenburg  and Gothenburg-Pärnu  


Pärnu-Ruhnu island-Gotland island-Bornholm island-Istad-Malmo-Copenhagen-Helsingor-Hoganas-Hallands Väderö-Halmstad-Varberg-Gothenburg

Dates and prices:     10-25.07.2022 – 550 euro

Gothenburg-Varberg-Copenhagen-Istad-Gotland island-Ruhnu island-Pärnu

Dates and prices:       20-30.08.2022 – 550 euro

Gotland is a picturesque island. Once home to harsh Vikings and a lively maritime trade,

Ystad is a pretty small Hanseatic town.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, Frederiksstaden area buildings from the 18th century, the royal palace of Amalienborg. palaces and castles.

Helsingor – Kronborg Castle, is world famous as the setting for William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

Indian Ocean

Seychelles – a warm sunny holiday!


Praslin. The mythical May Valley, which is under the protection of UNESCO. 

Saint Pierre, rounded rocks, tall palms, beautiful landscapes. 

Curieuse. Marine National Park, home to over a hundred giant turtles that you can feed.

Marianne, Félicité, Grande Soeur. Coco. Magnificent islands with beautiful beaches  Large corals where thousands of tropical fish swim in front of narrow gorges and dark caves.

La Digue is a tiny emerald land with the most beautiful beach in the archipelago. The visiting card of the island is bizarre granite boulders. 

Dates and prices:

05-12.03.2022 – 870 euro 

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