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Netherlands-cruises on historical traditional boats – direct flights from Tallinn every day.  


Workum– beautiful facades, monumental buildings and water-rich surroundings. Saint Gertrude’s Church, weigh house and city hall.

IJlst – the 17th-century sawmill ‘De Rat’, centuries-old streets and scenic gardens, rich history and traditions.

Sneek – the beautiful canals and historic Waterpoort (water gate).

Sloten – an abundance of idyllic canal-side streets and beautiful buildings wealth of historic sights, cozy terraces and water gates.

Hoorn –  in the 17th century it was one of the most important Dutch East India Company centers, Dozens of monuments and churches. The wonderful historic houses.

Volendam – Holland’s best-known fishing village, handsome old harbor full of old Dutch ships.

Enkhuizen – the Zuiderzeemuseum – experience the culture and history of this region here. The fortress walls from the 16th century.

Hindeloppen – historic captains’ residences, the wooden lock keeper’s house,  the ‘Liars bench’, where sailors would sit to exchange salty tales. The Hindeloopen Museum tells the story of the town’s  from its 13th-century roots  The Dutch history of ice-skating at Hindeloopens’ Eerste Friese Schaatsmuseum

Dates and prices:

06-13.08.2021 – 770 euro    17-24.09.2021-690 euro   08-15.10.2021-620 euro   For groups from 6 pax- every Monday and Friday- 550 euro per week per person

West Sweden archipelago cruises – direct flights from Riga to Gothenburg on Fridays, Sundays   


Gothenburg , combines vibrant urbanity, a friendly vibe and seaside charm. It also has culinary prowess and a world-class craft beer scene.

Dyrön-a charming little island, 5 km walking trail with fantastic views.

Smogen – is a pretty village with Sweden’s longest promenade lined with colorful tents offering shrimp sandwiches

Fjalbäka – a favorite filming location for detective stories. Walk along the trail between picturesque rocks and transparent lakes in stones.

Grebbestad – one of the historic West Coast towns, the oyster capital of Sweden.

Karingon – a beautiful little island with the same beautiful and small town. Here, one of the most active Swedish rescue stations at sea, founded in 1920, constantly provides free training on survival at sea for everyone using helicopters and life rafts, and there are sales of life-saving appliances.

Marstrand is Sweden’s most elite resort. The famous Karlsten fortress. It attracts with its rich history and extraordinary harsh beauty. There are three magical, well-marked trails, varying in difficulty and terrain, but all with beautiful natural surroundings and fantastic views of the North Sea.

Dates and prices:

20-28.07.2021 – 550 euro    28.07-06.08.2021-550 euro      06-13.08.2021-620 euro     13-20.08.2021-780 euro

For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 550 euro per week per person

Adventures cruises around Estonian islands   


Pärnu is a beautiful and green historical city. Founded in the 13th century, it was one of the richest and busiest Hanseatic cities.  Old town with its narrow medieval streets and a unique soulful atmosphere.

Kihnu is the original island of fishermen and sailors. Historical culture of Kihnu – costumes, language, music and crafts are on the UNESCO list of masterpieces of oral and spiritual heritage. The island with a population of about 700 people has a communal way of life, ancient cultural customs, as well as the local Kihnu language and songs.

Ruhnu Island is the calmest and kindest place in the Baltic Sea, the most sparsely populated island in Estonia. Currently, a little over 60 people live here. The picturesque Limo Beach, surrounded by virgin, pristine forest, is famous for its singing sands

Saaremaa is the largest island in Estonia. The capital of the island is Kuressaare, a cozy medieval town with a perfectly preserved episcopal castle.

Abruka has  a species-rich broad-leaved forest with a pristine appearance and  island culture. The more than 200-year-old lime forest on the island is the richest in species in the world, considering the mycelium. The real pearl – a dozen species of protected orchids grow on the local beach and wooded meadows. Of the animals,  goats, elk and deer.

Dates and prices:

June-10,20,27-350 euro per person per week     July -09, August-27 – 390 euro per person per week,    September – 09.19.29 – 350 euro per person per week, 

For group 6 pax- every Saturday- 1620 euro for all (270 euro per person)

Сruises Turkey- direct flights from Moscow to Dalaman every Saturday, flights from Tallinn via Istanbul   


Fethiye – rock tombs, ruins of Tlos with its amphitheater, Roman baths and a mausoleum in the rocks.

Gocek is a small fishing town, a forest national park, the ruins of Kalimce. On Sunday, there is a wonderful local market, fresh seafood in local restaurants.

Cleopatra’s Cove – Ancient Ruins

Ekinchik – trails among pine forests and caves. You can take a local motorboat up the Dalian River to the UNESCO-protected ancient city of Kaunos, where you will see six tombs of the kings carved into a sheer cliff. You can also visit the nearby mud baths with their mystical healing powers.

Gemiler Island – Saint Nicholas Island, where the tomb of Saint Nicholas is believed to have originally been. On a very steep hill are the ruins of five churches, built between the 4th and 6th centuries, one of which is carved into the rock. The collapsed arches provide a natural framework for views of the blue sea glistening in the sun.

Dates and prices:

Every Saturday for groups from 6 pax- – 570 euro per week per person

Сruises Mallorca- direct flights from Riga to Palma every Tuesday and Sunday  


Palma de Mallorca is the history and culture of many civilizations. Bellver Castle and Cathedral, Almudaina Palace, a beautiful building with high windows and openwork stone carvings from the 14th century. The streets of the historic center  bear a typical medieval impression: they are narrow and winding. churches and monasteries. Many houses have old blown glass windows. Oles Palace, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, with an unusual courtyard with Ionic columns and squat arches.

Soller is one of the pearls of Mallorca. In Soller, not only the stations and tourist information points, signs, signs and house numbers are decorated in antique style, but also all the buildings. the most famous building “House of the Moon”, which amazes guests not only with its 800-year-old age, but also with a perfectly preserved decoration of the facade – a full-face image of a night luminary. cathedral, built by a student of the brilliant architect A. Gaudi.

Alcudia. a typical old Spanish town with narrow streets, surrounded by a fortified wall, which you can climb and walk along the top, looking at the city. the church of St. Anne and the ruins of the ancient Roman city – Pollentia.

Porto Cristo- famous karst caves.

Dates and prices:

22-29.05.2021-700 euro,    14-21.08.2021-800 euro    18-25.09.2021-700 euro, 16-23.10.2021-670 euro

For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 650 euro per week per person

Iceland-all the best – direct flights from Riga to Reykjavik on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays   


Thingvellir National Park- a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Geothermal wonder Geysir Geothermal Area. Every few minutes the Strokkur geyser explodes with scalding water to a height of 25 meters.

Gullfoss (Golden Falls). Here the powerful river Khvita (Belaya) rushes down with a roar over two-tiered rocks into an indented canyon.

Seljalandsfoss-one of the most unusual waterfalls in the world. Skógafoss, is an impressive waterfall that falls from 60m into calm waters.

The black sandy beach at Reynisfjar, famous for its basalt columns. Skaftafell National Park. The mesmerizing glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon is one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. It is known for its shimmering icebergs that glide across the icy blue surface. Boat trip along the lagoon. Diamond Beach, where glaciers stop on dark black volcanic sand. This creates an extremely beautiful effect when icebergs shimmer like diamonds.

Ice cave. Swimming in the Blue Lagoon.

A super jeep ride to the legendary Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve, located in the Icelandic Highlands. A scenic journey from Reykjavik through the Jorsardalur Valley, home to the stunning Hjalfarfoss Waterfall, then through rolling hills to the magnificent mountainous regions of Iceland. Lake Ljótipollur with turquoise waters and blood-red shores. a sensationally beautiful sight. Idyllic Lake Frostastaðavatn,  Landmannalaugar, a geothermal paradise famous for its rainbow-colored mountains, which are painted in various shades of ruby, amber and sapphire.  A short walk through even more incredible landscapes.  Domadalur route, which traverses unique lava fields, mighty mountains and a magnificent landscape untouched since Viking times. Capricious Hekla volcano, the most active volcano in Iceland, surrounded by lava fields that create an alien landscape.

Dates and prices:

23-27.07.2021-1470 euro     23-27.08.2021 – 1470 euro    24-28.09.2021-1470 euro

Adventures cruises Pärnu-Gothenburg  and Gothenburg-Pärnu  


Pärnu-Ruhnu island-Gotland island-Bornholm island-Istad-Malmo-Copenhagen-Helsingor-Hoganas-Hallands Väderö-Halmstad-Varberg-Gothenburg

Dates and prices:     05-19.07.2021 – 550 euro

Gothenburg-Varberg-Copenhagen-Istad-Gotland island-Ruhnu island-Pärnu

Dates and prices:       20-30.08.2021 – 550 euro

Pärnu is a Hanseatic city, famous for its old town, wooden houses of the 19th century, a sandy beach and picturesque embankments, stone breakwaters.

Ruhnu is a favorite place for many sailors: beautiful nature, Swedish history, a metal lighthouse created by Gustav Eiffel and the Ruhnu wooden church are unique.

Gotland is a picturesque island. Its capital is the charming medieval town of Visby. Once home to harsh Vikings and a lively maritime trade, Gotland is now a favorite holiday destination.

Ystad is a pretty small Hanseatic town.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, in the Frederiksstaden area buildings from the 18th century. in the rococo style and the royal palace of Amalienborg. Christiansborg Palace and the Renaissance Rosenborg Castle surrounded by gardens.

Helsingor – Kronborg Castle, is world famous as the setting for William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

Hallands Väderö-a nature reserve due to its valuable ecologic life with an old beech-forest, unusual fungi and large bird populations.

The Varberg Fortress (“lookout hill”) was founded in the 1280s as one of the links in the chain of military fortifications along the coast. Today there is a museum and a small hotel, and according to local beliefs, a monster lives in the surrounding moat.

Сruises Naples Bay- direct flights from Riga to Rome everyday except of Tuesdays and Saturdays  


Naples – a city declared a UNESCO heritage, in ancient times was the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily and then the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Naples has many aristocratic palaces with beautiful gardens, castles, among which the Castel del Ovo, on the seashore, stand out. 

Ischia is  a fabulous island with pine and citrus groves, vineyards, blooming cacti and generous thermal springs. Landscapes of unusual beauty. Thermal Park “Poseidon’s Gardens” is a delightful place with lush vegetation, where you can swim in warm mineral springs

Capri is  one of the most famous islands in the world. a charming island of rare beauty,  a miracle created by nature on a huge cliff jutting out over an abyss. The city center of Capri with its terraced houses and creepers, the famous Piazzetti. Gardens of Augustus with breathtaking views

Sorrento – nestled on high cliffs, this city preserves the monuments of the Renaissance and Baroque architecture

Pompeii is one of the most famous and unusual archaeological sites. A walk in Pompeii is a journey through time with a full sense of the public and private life of antiquity. The houses have been preserved with all their contents.

Amalfi is a beautiful historic town, a picturesque interweaving of lanes and stairs, the famous IX century Cathedral at the top of a steep staircase, a unique combination of historical monuments with the beauty of nature.

Procida is the most distinctive island in the archipelago. Internal stairs, arches and vaults, colored houses.

Dates and prices:

26.06-03.07.2021 – 750 euro   03-10.07.2021-750 euro   14-21.08.2021-780 euro    11-18.09.2021-680 euro

For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 580 euro per week per person

Сruises North Italy-Liguria- direct flights from Riga to Milan everyday except of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays  


Portovenere. A small village on the rocky coast of the warm Ligurian Sea. Typical for Italy, pastel colors of houses, a powerful fortress on the mountain, a pretty church, clear sea and just a beautiful place.

Cinque Terre – five lands – Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Access from the coast to these places is very difficult because of the mountains. Until the end of the 19th century, this area lived in isolation and was little known. The seashore is steep and rocky, very indented, the landscape is very picturesque, this whole part of the coast is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Riomaggiore is one of the most picturesque cities in Italy. Colored facades of stone houses contrasting with the blue sea and sky. narrow streets and steep staircases, where traffic is prohibited.
Manarola is a small fishing town, colorful houses among the rocks, the oldest of the Five Lands. Church of San Lorenzo from the 14th century.
Corniglia is the smallest of the five communes, located on a steep rocky promontory by the sea. The parish church of S. Pietro was erected in 1334 on the remains of the chapel of the XI century.
Vernazza is considered the most organic, picturesque and lively town of the Five Lands. The old medieval walls of galleries, palaces, monastery and castle are striking.
Monterosso is the largest of the “five lands”, characterized by a large number of architectural and cultural attractions . The city is divided into old and new parts, separated by the Aurora tower visible from afar. In the heart of the Old Town, there are stone walls and towers of a small medieval castles.

Santa Margherita Ligure. On the beautiful promenade, there is a statue of Columbus, who was a native of Santa Margarita, pointing to the sea. The main pride of Santa Margarita is Villa Durazzo, which is surrounded on all sides by lush gardens with a huge number of exotic plants, bizarre statues and fountains and a grotto. In the old part of Santa Margherita, there is the Church of San Giacomo di Corte and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Antioquia.

Portofino is a small bay built up with small houses. In the surrounding hills, there are expensive villas of the local and Hollywood elite, politicians and tycoons.

San Fruttuoso. You cannot get here – you can only sail . There is an abbey here, some parts of the architectural ensemble of which are the oldest in Liguria

Dates and prices:

26.06-03.07.2021 – 700 euro   03-10.07.2021-750 euro   10-17.07.2021-750 euro  14-21.08.2021-780 euro    11-18.09.2021-680 euro

For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 600 euro per week per person

Adventures Сruises Sardinia-Corsica- direct flights from Riga to Olbia on Saturdays  


La Maddalena is the main city of the La Maddalena archipelago with Garibaldi Square and the Church of St. Mary of Maddalena, which contains 2 silver candlesticks and a crucifix donated by Admiral Nelson, as well as his autograph

Bonifacio is the most picturesque Corsican city with  snow-white cliffs above the sea. Hanging over the sea, the Old Town, the city Citadel with the cemetery of sailors, the Aragonese stairs, descending from the Citadel to the water. According to legend, 187 steps of this staircase were carved in one night during the siege of the city by the Spanish king. There is also the rarest Gothic building on the island – the Cathedral of St. Dominic – and the Church of Sainte-Marie-Majère. Narrow streets, framed by the old facades of the houses hanging over them .

Porto Vecchio is dating back to the 16th century, the fortified port town of . The Old Town district, its cobblestone streets, charming buildings, and ruins of the ancient citadel. Church of Saint Jean-Baptiste, the Bastion San Antonia, and the Porte Genoise Gate for panoramic views of the sea, mountains and surrounding valley, two most famous beaches, Palombaggia and Santa Guilia, located just south of Porto-Vecchio.

Capo Testa is surrounded by enchanting coves and thick, low-lying Mediterranean vegetation. With enchanting seascapes, rugged hiking trails and endless natural beauty, Capo Testa is one of the true highlights of Sardinia Rocks have smoothed from the sea breeze, and some have even curled and contorted into formation.

Palau is a real pearl of the Mediterranean. White sandy beaches with  crystal clear waters, flowers and the scent of lush Mediterranean vegetation and the unique beauty of the coastline created by time and wind.

Dates and prices:

26.06-03.07.2021 – 750 euro   03-10.07.2021-750 euro   14-21.08.2021-780 euro   11-18.09.2021-680 euro

For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 580 euro per week per person

Adventures Сruises Sicily + Eolian islands- direct flights from Riga to Catania on Sundays  


Vulcano-trekking an active volcano with a detour around the crater among crystals and sulfur fumes.

Lipari – XVI century. citadel with a castle.

Salina-the ancient fishing village of Pollara, where houses and storage for boats are cut out manually in the rocks.

Stromboli is a “natural lighthouse of the Tyrrhenian Sea”, a volcano that has been active for the past 2000 years. Evening tour of Stromboli with observation of a volcanic eruption (explosions and outbursts of hot lava – every half hour).

Panarea-a prehistoric village.

Milazzo – XIII century. The fortified city “Borgo” and the lower city. A citadel built during the Norman era. The fortress is  one of the first Norman buildings in Sicily. The heart of the citadel is the Norman castle, which is usually compared to the Tower of London.

Dates and prices:

26.06-03.07.2021 – 750 euro   03-10.07.2021-750 euro   14-21.08.2021-780 euro   11-18.09.2021-680 euro

For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 580 euro per week per person

Historical and adventures Сruises Venice Republic- direct flights from Riga to Venice on Thursdays and Sundays   


Venice is one of the most unusual and beautiful cities in the world. A mix of art and life.  There are about 200 magnificent palaces in the city, among them the most famous is the Doge’s Palace. The famous Cathedral of St. Mark on the eponymous, no less famous square

Chioggia is the oldest city in the lagoon (500 years older than Venice), the city that saved the Venetian Republic in the war with Genoa. Canals compressed by the walls of old pile houses, wrought-iron balconies with flowers hanging in pots, low bridges with lanterns, boats at the quays. Duomo Cathedral from the 14th century.

Piran is one of the most beautiful towns on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The narrow city streets are crowded with small houses that evoke a Mediterranean spirit with all their views. Piran’s architecture began to take on an Italian look when the locals signed a treaty with Venice in the thirteenth century. The cooperation lasted almost five millennia.

Grado is the golden island of the Venetian Republic in a picturesque lagoon. A labyrinth of narrow streets and squares, ancient basilicas and bell towers. 

CAORLE is an episcopate and one of the nine main districts of the Venetian Republic. Many monuments have survived, including the most ancient ones – the Cathedral of 1038 and the Bell Tower 48 meters high, which was originally used as an observation tower.

Dates and prices:

10-17.07.2021 – 750 euro  07-14.08.2021-780 euro  18-25.09.2021-650 euro  16-23.10.2021-590 euro

For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 550 euro per week per person

Сruises Cote d`Azur- direct flights from Riga to Nice on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays  


Nice. The Promenade des Anglais, the charming streets of the old town, Roman circuses and baths.

Antibes. Castle of Grimaldi (XII-XVI centuries), the Picasso Museum located within its walls, the city cathedral (IX-XVI centuries) , Vauban fortifications, Villa Tenard,  flower a park on 5 hectares of area, the Napoleon Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Peine Museum.

Monaco is a small independent state, principality. Beautiful views, the Prince’s Palace, a small and cozy old town, the Cousteau Museum.

Menton is the warmest place on the Cote d’Azur and the most aristocratic tourist center in the region. The first permanent settlement appeared here at the beginning of the 11th century AD. The picturesque promenade du Soleil in the old part of the city, the Saint-Michel Cathedral (17th century), the Peniten-Blanc chapel, the Church of the Most Holy Theotokos and Nicholas the Wonderworker, Our Lady of Sorrows.

Lérin Islands-situated in an unspoilt, natural setting, a unique combination of flora and fauna, as well as an unusual history that includes the mysteries of the Man in the Iron Mask and the tranquility of Cistercian monks.

Dates and prices:

03-10.07.2021 – 750 euro   07-14.08.2021-780 euro   18-25.09.2021-650 euro   For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 580 euro per week per person

Adventures cruises Atlantic France-Brittany- direct flights from Tallinn to Paris on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 


Trinity is a sailing mecca in Brittany. Most of the giant trimaranes – the participants of the famous Rum Regatta – are located here.

Vannes is the first capital of Brittany, in the Middle Ages it was the residence of the dukes of Brittany. Port, city wall with gates. A complete history of military architecture from the Gallo-Roman era to the 15th century entrance towers.  Half-timbered buildings of the 15th-16th centuries. Gaillard Castle of the 15th century. Cathedral of St. Peter XII-XVI centuries.

Belle-Ile – the climate on the island is much warmer than on the nearest shores of the continent. It was visited by Alexandre Dumas, Sarah Bernhardt and many famous artists, including Claude Monet, who painted several paintings of the famous “needle” rocks. The island’s fortress is considered one of the finest examples of fortification art in Europe.

Port Louis. Small cozy town with an old fort.

Groo – many gardens,  the locals produce divine drinks: cider, calvados and the famous cherry beer. Moving around the island takes place with the help of bicycles, which can be rented in Port Tadi. mussels cooked with different sauces and supplied with all kinds of mouth-watering spices.

La Roche Bernard. The city was founded in the 10th century by a Viking who, after hiking, saw the ocean from a high cliff of the Vilen River and decided to start a settled life. Later, ships for the Richelieu fleet were built here.

Dates and prices:

24-31.07.2021 – 780 euro  21-28.08.2021-780 euro   25.09-04.10.2021-690 euro    For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 580 euro per week per person

Adventures cruises Spain-Morocco-Gibraltar- direct flights from Tallinn and Riga to Malaga on Saturdays 


Gibraltar – the main thing that catches the eye is the famous Rock of Gibraltar. which magnetises those who first see it. It is very difficult to break away from the contemplation of this natural giant 426 meters high, overgrown with dense green vegetation on one side and cliffs on the other. According to ancient legends, Gibraltar is called one of the Pillars of Hercules.

Ceuta is an autonomous city of Spain in the Africa. The royal walls, the municipal palace, the cathedral, the church, the mosque and the fortress

Tangier is a meeting place for three cultures: African, Moroccan and European. The main attraction of the city is the medina area with the Kasbah fortress located there.  The observation deck of the fortress offers a beautiful view of the Strait of Gibraltar

Cadiz -an earthen gate in a 17th century wall provides access to the most ancient city in the West. The cathedral is made in the Baroque and neoclassical style. Plaza de las Flores and Candelaria. The Battery of Candelaria offers a beautiful view of the Cadiz bay. The castles of Santa Catalina and San Sebastian are located on both sides.

Dates and prices:

04-11.11.2021 – 650 euro        For groups from 6 pax- every Saturday- 580 euro per week per person