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Saint Martin, Brazil, Guadeloupe January-February-March 2020


Olga: “Caribbean Journey 2020 succeeded! Many thanks to Tatiana for the interesting route and organization of our land and sea voyage! And of course, special thanks to our captain Yaroslav Kaverin!  Only he, with amazing calm and professionalism, was able to command our catamaran among the shallows and coral reefs! ”

Natalia: Fascinating travels, excursions, quality training, unforgettable impressions, the best fishing, meeting new people, meeting friends, emotional atmosphere. This and much more can be obtained by traveling with Yacht-Challenqe. Thank you for our unforgettable vacation!
Yuri: “The carnival, of course, is impressive. But if we could go as a part of some school on a sambodrome, it would be cool! ”
Igor: “The most international team ever celebrating the New Year sends the best wishes for love and peace to every soul in the Universe!”

Gibraltar- courses Bareboat Skipper, Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore IYT


Antonina: “We have completed our course and we really enjoyed it! Yaroslav is just a terrific captain, we were very interesting and calm with him. ”
Yuri: “rYaroslav Kaverin is a master, a very good teacher, explains everything in detail, and is very accessible. Despite the difficult weather conditions – a real storm, a night sailing, we felt very confident with Yaroslav and got all the necessary experience.For the enthusiasm, knowledge and acquaintance with wonderful people, I sincerely say THANKS! ”

Denis:” I committed to do my IYT Yachtmaster Coastal certification, and Yaroslav Kaverin has made it possible.  The mix of fast sailing, spinnaker fun, broaching, mooring with 35knots+ wind.Just one short story:  I briefly complained that a taxi ride from the port to Gibraltar airport would be a rip-off, and we quickly found a solution: sail to Gibraltar just to drop me off, and this exactly what we did after a quick vote by the whole crew. How often do you get a lift to the airport by a sailing boat?



Dmitry: “I liked both trips in the past year . But now there was pure delight! We had a storm, we had a day under spinnaker, and we had a lot of mooring training , and sailed at night. Well, as always, Slava was a super-captain!That year, I appreciated his ability to give students the opportunity to experience the topic, without super-care on his part.At the same time, he always seizes the initiative on time when the situation requires it.

I trained very well with mooring, we cut such tricks in the marina so that the birds flocked to see :)I began to feel more confident (especially after entering and mooring in Bourges at wind 30+). Everything was cool. I hope to continue next year! 

Vladimir: “I want to express my admiration for Yaroslav. Amazingly calm and friendly.

I have never heard a rude word on his students from him; he patiently explained everything and gave them independence.Well done, thanks!

Natalia: “Slava is a very unusual for the captain, because there is absolutely no aggression in him. Therefore, Slava is a quiet, does not insist on anything (until there is a danger to life and property), but he is very good at explaining. Since we studied, it was necessary to draw a route on the maps .. And the depths are small, and even quite large ebbs and flows (up to 6 meters!). When the waves are about three meters, they completely block the horizon, landmarks become invisible. And still everyone was fastened in life jackets, of course. The first six hours were heavy – the wind was 20-25 knots, gusts up to 32 knots. Waves occasionally swept the cockpit from above

Dmitry: “Brittany is a paradise for yachting. It is great that you make such a program. Each docking  is a separate adventure. Slava perfectly controlled everything and did not let anyone do anything stupid. Leaving Rosh Bernard shocked me. I stood at the helm, Slava watched the depths. We went with the last water. On both sides, birds were already running through the water, the nxt yachts showed a keel.  After that, Morbian seemed like an easy walk, although it was also fun to sail in the tidal stream. ”

Norway - fjords, fishing


Julia “The first yachting, of course, will be remembered for a lifetime. I almost collapsed from a cocktail of adrenaline and endorphins in my blood when I first stood at the helm, and the wind picked up our sails and the yacht tipped to the left side) I then only about 24 hours I thought that :)Thank you Yaroslav Kaverin for answering my hundreds of questions about yachting, our safety and comfortable sailing in the fjords, and Tatiana Kaverina for organizing your trip! ”

Natalia: “Many thanks to our skipper Roma! Despite the constant rain we were sailing and fishing from early morning and  till  night. Fishing was excellent!”

Jeanne: “There are still no words, I can’t believe that it was with me, as if in a dream or a fairy tale. And even the storm and thunderstorm in recent days were like from a movie. Our fishing, northern tan and absolutely everything were especially beautiful! Thanks to Tatiana Kaverina for the boat and the captain, I will definitely fill up your yacht ranks and will ask Norway again, and not only her.

Ekaterina: “ When you eat freshly caught crabs and fish, the fins of some ‘dolphins’ snoop in the water  (it turned out to be porpoises); when the sails are above you, the wind is in your face … Perhaps this is the very proportion of happiness and peace that is so lacking in our everyday lives. ”

Historical quest regattas Greece, Holland, Sicily, Brittany. Thailand, Venice

Dialogue in a charter company: “Why do you need dinghy ?!” “For the gondolier contest in Chioggia.” A curtain.


Natalya: “All the plays by Shakespeare were unforgettable, but Seryozha and Lena had the best script and they played like real, very talented actors!”

Maria: “the team of Oleg and Gregory had very beautiful tiramisu and Venetian glass

Alexei: “Thank you very much for the team on the boat and for Roma and for the event as a whole! Very kind and positive.

Denis (working with oars): “the workdays of the captain of the referee’s ship — get up at five in the morning, cross the sea, make a difficult approach among the shallows and poles, then row the boats all these evening and compose tasks,” he corrects the map with his foot — well, what’s there farther?”

Svetlana: The organizers created the feeling that it was not a week, but a full month of rest! I was given the opportunity, without any experience, to feel like a real yachtsman. Thank you very much to Tatyana and her team for the always excellent organization. They always give not only warmth, unforgettable feelings from the time spent, positive emotions, but also the reality will meet and make friends with new people

Ekaterina: “The night kayak quest around the island – it was magical! And our Gena, with his poor eyesight, unexpectedly discovered the talent of a great golfer ”
Irina: There are a lot of impressions – from the storm race at the sports First, when Slava is at the helm,  Ira and I on all winches and ropes at once, from rehearsals of the minuet and the Breton jig in the cold evening fog on the banks of the canal in Vannes

Olga: “The St. Petersburg team in the costumes of the musketeers was unique!”

Valery (about himself): “The king is in shock!”

Alexander: “I will never forget the night mooring on Texel. The wind, the current, our heavy  lemsteraak without a bow thruster. Slava miraculously managed the boat to avoid the pillars, and we set the fenders to the right places. As a result, we fit into the only free place. We all understood each other without words, that’s what a real team means!

Children's quest regattas- Gulf of Naples, Netherlands

Anastasia: “Thank you so much for becoming a“ good fairy ”and fulfilling my dream in a fabulous way. Thanks to you, new horizons in life have opened. "

Corporate regattas ITALIA, CROATIA

Dialogue in the marina: “Bora. We are closed. We are not accepting anyone. Especially yours 55-foot boats – you’ll break  everything  here”. ” “Please, we have tourists, they are tired, they can’t move on.” “Very tired? Are the captains good? ” “The best !!! Just like your Croatian footballers!” “Yes?” The voice is getting faint, “Well then, come in!” Sergey is mooring, Yaroslav is mooring, Roma enters – the music drowns out the howling wind, on the deck-dances. “Are these people tired?” Marina employee shouted indignantly. Roma clearly passes the stern between the yachts, the head of the legal department Vadim briefly breaks away from the dance, throws both moorings one after another, as if he had been doing this his whole life and is returning to the dance. Croats in shock and silence fasten the ropes.


Olga: “Thank you for organizing a chic vacation, for emotions, for judges, for all skippers!”

Alexander: “With Yaroslav reliably and calmly. Is always. Whatever happens. Thank you, Yaroslav! ”
Eugene: “Thanks for the positive, the organization, a wonderful holiday! Thanks to our skipper Sergey! ”
Roman: “The route and the cities are not as important as our emotions! And thanks to my namesake Roma, we also won! ”
Vitaliy: “The races are superorganized, the contests are very interesting. “Last year, the musketeers, this year, Robin Hoods!”
Ksenia: “It’s like a pioneer camp, from which I do not want to leave!”

May regattas Italy, France, Croatia

Dialogue in the marina: “We need the passports of all participants in the regatta” “And can I bring you only one – my passport and payment for the marina for all boats at once, in cash, right now.” After half an hour in the marina there are tents with snacks and champagne for participants in the regatta. Italy…

Dialog in the marina  “We would like to reserve a place for 20 boats for tonight, we will arrive at five o’clock.” ”When you arrive, then you will ask, one at a time.” “But we would like to book now, we are ready to pay for all at once, now, in cash. And you just tell us the numbers of our places. And you don’t have to worry about anything else. ” “No, you can’t!” Hour of negotiations in a mixture of two languages. Finally we get the seats, but the payment is only after the mooring. France, Cote d’Azur ..


Alexei: “I want to express my gratitude from myself and the entire St. Petersburg team for wonderful events, for a whole week around the clock !!! Thank you so much for the kind, warm and welcoming atmosphere you created !!!”
Julia: “Our team was like a family, and Yaroslav watched us like children.”
Olga: “During the five hours of the storm we died and resurrected several times, and then a countdown and … start …”
Anna: “My mother sews very well, and taught me, so I managed to sew a torn sail across the night.”
Alexey: “I have a great desire to express my gratitude. We prefer to relax in various ways, try not to repeat, but I want to join you again and again! THANKS for the events, for your cordiality and comfort, for a democratic atmosphere !!! ”

Costa Rica + Saint Martin 2019

Excursion program, guide’s announcements: 1 day: “we leave at 07-00 tomorrow, we need to have time for rafting”, 2 day: we leave at 06-00 tomorrow  to go to the volcano”, 3 day- “tomorrow we leave for fishing at 05 -00 “,  4 day -” we leave at 04-00 tomorrow, you need to do a lot “, day 5 -” to catch a plane, we leave at 03-00, but the luggage should be in the  lobby at 02-00 – yes, by the way , at the same time look at night Panama … “


Olga: “There are no words to tell about all our adventures: we rafted along a bustling river, watched birds, animals and insects, rode along a river full of crocodiles, walked along suspension bridges on foot, someone even ventured to ride over the forest. My first ever rafting. If it were not for our leader Tatiana Kaverina, then I would never have decided on this. We ate plenty of juicy and ripe mangoes, pineapples, watermelons, dad, passion fruit and other tropical fruits, whose names I did not even remember 

Natalya: “Fishing in the Caribbean … fish are … well … spread your arms wider …. There were several amazing large sailboats in the bay. I went there, probably with my mouth open and forgetting to breathe with delight


-The number of super-mega-sailing yachts in the raid – at night, looks exactly like a city of multi-colored skyscrapers in the sea

Sailing cruises: Aeolian Islands, Gulf of Naples, Sardinia, CROATIA, Netherlands


Igor: “The Aeolian Islands are really the eighth wonder of the world! How many times have I been here, always leave a feeling of complete delight! ”

Oleg: “I really liked the boat and route Sardinia-Corsica, Yaroslav – super!”

Vladimir: “We sailed many times in Croatia, but during that week we saw, learned and studied with Roma more than for all previous campaigns.”

Igor: “For 10 days in the Tyrrhenian Sea we were very hit, but we entered on Capri at the highest level!”

Olga: “A trip on old ships in Holland is one of the best and most sincere trips.”

Canada 2017

Briefing in the marina: “supermarkets are far away, here are the car keys, then put the keys in our mailbox. When at the end you will leave the yachts, if we do not arrive, put the keys to the yachts in the mailbox too. When you leave the marina (on yachts) – look around, here airplanes land on the water, don’t collide. ”
Olga: “We saw Canada’s protected forests with waterfalls, bathed in pristine lakes, observed birds, animals and marine mammals. We even saw whales. Many thanks to our trip. ”
Marina: “This is the best trip of my life.”
Records – tidal currents up to 15 knots.

Around the World: Singapore-New Zealand-French Polynesia-Los Angeles

Replicas of the participants:

Singapore: “very far to fly, we are tired.” New Zealand: “fly far, we are tired, but sooooo beautiful.” French Polynesia: “6 flights are behind, everything is good, very beautiful and unusual – atolls, sharks, mantas, stingrays, coral river …” Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks: “oooooo tired but beautiful.”Universal Studio – “We are already as characters of films”Los Angeles: “how great everything was … and only 13 hours left in the air” (37 hours behind in the air in 17 days).

Irina: “I never thought that I would celebrate my Birthday for 2 days in full accordance with the calendar, first in New Zealand, and then, after crossing the date line, again in French Polynesia.”
Records: full flight around the world, in 18 days – 9 flights, 50 hours in the air


Dialogue in the marina: “Johnny, is there a deadly poisonous jellyfish?” “Oh yee!” “OK, that is, swim only in suits. And saltwater crocodiles? ” “Oh yee!” “OK, that is, do not swim near the mainland, only on the islands. And poisonous fish, corals? ” “Oh yee!” “OK, that is, do not touch anything with your hands. What about snakes? ” “Oh yee!” “OK, that is, do not go ashore.” “And the sharks?” “Oh yee! But they are well-fed, now there are a lot of tourists ”“ OK, According to the rules, should we communicate with you every morning and every evening by VHF and let us know that we are alive? ” “Oh yee!” “Is there a connection everywhere?” “Oh no!” “Did anyone come back alive?” “Oh yee!”
General summary: “Thank you for a wonderful stay. Everything was super!”


The motto of jeep drivers and guides that show the life of animals in the wild in a place where the highest density of predators in Africa is “Akuna matata!” (Everything will be fine!).

Animals seen: lions, hippos, elephants, rhinoceros, buffalos, hyenas, giraffes, wildebeests, zebras and many others.

Briefing in a charter company: “Be very careful immediately after leaving the marina, if you do not want to rest for one hour instead of one week.”


Sergey: “An unforgettable feeling when elephants and buffaloes wander past you, and a hippopotamus walks a little further down the grass.”
Alexei: “The warmest words for an amazing trip !!!”
Records: temperature measurement – 7 times in 5 days