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Lycia Olympic week

Fethiye  – Gemilier island -Oludeniz-  Batterfly valley -Cleopatra Bay –  Fethiye  

02-09 Jul 2022

  • Lycia is an ancient, legendary country that was of great importance in the ancient world.
  • We will sail along the  coast of ancient Lycia, see the beautiful bays, gain new skills in various sports and learn what the Olympic principles are.
  • For adolescents over 14 years old it is the opportunity to obtain certificates International Crew IYT Sail.

02 Jul 2022
Gathering at the Fethiye marina (the nearest airport is Dalaman) –  Check-in – Shopping.

03 Jul 2022

  • Passage to Gemilier island (15 nm).
  • Acquaintance with the device of a sailing yacht, setting sails, knitting marine knots.
  • Boat handling. The basic International Rules of Preventing Collision at Sea.
  • Trekking to the top of the island .
  • Supsurfing.
  • The night on the anchor.

04 Jul 2022

  • Passage to Oludeniz (3 nm).
  • Swimming in various styles.
  • Supsurfing.
  • Badminton.

05 Jul 2022

Passage to the next Butterfly Bay (3 nm)

  • Swimming in various styles.
  • Supsurfing.
  • Archery.

06 Jul 2022

  • Passage to AĞA LİMANI (15 nm).
  • Trekking to the lost historical city  – Lydae
  • Swimming in various styles.

07 Jul 2022

  • Passage to Cleopatra Bay, where are ancient Cleopatra bath (6 nm).
  • Snorkeling in mirror-clear waters. Sup surfing.
  • The night on the anchor

08 Jul 2022

  • Return to Fethiye (15 nm).
  • Boat handling, learning the rules of sailing and Olympic principles.
  • For candidates for International Crew IYT Sail certificates – passing tests.
  • Final event with dedication to the Olympians and presentation of temporary certificates International Crew IYT Sail.

(Receipt of plastic cards – within a month after providing the photo in electronic form, contact phones, email, home address).

09 Jul 2022. Check-out.