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Sicily - Olympic week

Portorosa – Panarea Island –Salina (Salina Island) – Pollara (Salina Island) –
Vulcano Island – Lipari Island – Portorosa

04-11 Jul 2020

  • Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea The Greeks called Sicily “Great Greece.”
  • We will sail along the northern coast of Sicily and around the beautiful Aeolian Islands, gain new skills in various sports and learn what the Olympic principles are.
  • For adolescents over 14 years old it is the opportunity to obtain certificates International Crew IYT Sail.

Gathering at the Portorosa marina (the nearest airport is Catania) –  Check-in – Shopping.


  • Passage to Panarea (30 miles).
  • Acquaintance with the device of a sailing yacht, setting sails, knitting marine knots.
  • Boat handling. The basic International Rules of Preventing Collision at Sea.
  • Trekking to a prehistoric village.
  • Supsurfing.
  • The night on the anchor.


  • Swimming in various styles.
  • Passage to marina Salina (10 mi).
  • Badminton.


  • Passage to the ancient fishing village of Pollara, where houses and storage for boats are cut out manually in the rocks (5 miles).
  • “Sport fishing.” Sup surfing.
  • The night on the anchor or return to marina Salina.
  • “Sport fishing.” Sup surfing.
  • The night on the anchor or return to marina Salina.



  • Passage to Vulcano (12 miles).
  • Swimming in various styles.
  • Archery.


  • Trekking an active volcano with a detour around the crater among crystals and sulfur fumes.
  • Upon returning, swimming in various styles.
  • Passage to Lipari (3 miles).
  • The 16th-century citadel is a large-scale architectural complex with a castle, a number of fortifications and fortification walls surrounding the citadel


  • Return to Portorosa (20 miles).
  • Boat handling,learning the rules of sailing and Olympic principles.
  • For candidates for International Crew IYT Sail certificates – passing tests.
  • Final event with dedication to the Olympians and presentation of temporary certificates International Crew IYT Sail.

(Receipt of plastic cards – within a month after providing the photo in electronic form, contact phones, email, home address).

07/11/20. Check-out.


  • The price of the program – 750 Euro per person
  • Optional: International Crew IYT Sail certificate – 200 Euro (from 14 years old)


We develop the rest on yachts with the best route in any water area. A responsible, attentive, benevolent and competent captains instructor who is familiar with the yachts will not be hearsay. We know everything about sailing and yachting, or almost everything, and are going to share the accumulated information with you. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts for dignity, and training in the “Yacht-Challenge” will bring you joy and 100% result. Support for graduates after graduation.

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